ASSISTANCE CONSULTING AND RIGHTS PROMOTION

The project was designed to provide advice and assistance to city and foreign workers in constant updating with specific regulations and needs.

The great interest in the Movement, and the success of the initiatives, demonstrate concretely how much the need to organize Services capable of responding effectively to the needs of workers and people who suffer from the serious consequences of the socio-economic disasters due is felt in our Company. the progressive and interminable financial, economic, moral and ethical crisis.

The absence of entities and institutions inevitably translates into serious personal frustration and a dramatic individual crisis in the social and family context.

People and families often find themselves waiting for answers from the institutions, expressed in a language, sometimes unknown and incomprehensible or worse in the face of an eloquent "silence" that generates uncertainty on the exact boundaries of subjective rights.

A profound social divide has arisen in society between those who can and those who cannot.

Unfortunately, this situation implies specific responsibilities that are not always clearly identifiable.

A serious loss of confidence in the institutions and bodies appointed to represent, defend and protect the rights of the songoli is generated among the workers with serious discomfort and loss.

Economic and social difficulties cause the person to gradually renounce his rights.

A right that costs dearly in a society where everything is consumed quickly. What an injustice!

Against this injustice one must struggle to reaffirm the principle of equal personal and social dignity, so that no one can feel excluded or abandoned, the son of a lesser God.

The danger of giving up the aspirations for a better life, the loss of trust or hope are a dramatic sign of social and cultural defeat which must be absolutely avoided with a constant commitment and an intense effort by the whole community.

The association intends to promote, protect and defend the right of people and families by promoting the recovery of inalienable, irrepressible and indispensable rights such as health, the right to rehabilitation and social integration, the right to work and a better life to avoid that the less fortunate can live and abandon themselves to a situation of progressive personal renunciation, and their state of unease is due to the socio-economic condition of people who cannot "buy the right to happiness".

The association considers it essential to enhance and encourage maximum awareness of the various problems, thanks to specific communication and specialist information, putting in place concrete interventions, aimed at providing the keys to access solidarity and moral, social and health assistance to promote rediscovery of the "person" as such, inducing a progressive awareness of the individual importance of individual key people in their family and social role.

To instill optimism "sicut flame, material alitur et motibus excitatur et urendo clarescit" with daily personal commitment to the search and service of the neighbor to love as oneself ".

Why "serve to Serve ..valid La Pena"

The "active" participation in the association represents a cultural and social experience that highlights, in daily activity, the renewed needs of a community in continuous and progressive economic and social transformation.

Our association daily expresses its vocation in solidarity with the constant desire to create a "friendly" structure, which sees in the problem submitted to its attention the specific "function" of the structure itself and the central idea, as a constant reference point for the initiatives social.

The personal problem must be inserted in a collective context and find a new functional and propulsive dimension being placed at the center of the activities to be carried out.

The central idea of ​​the Association is to enhance individual experiences in the interest of the Company and with participation in the community itself, providing people and families with the necessary tools, acting as a social, cultural and legal mediator between the person in the state uncomfortable and the Company itself.

A team of experts is at the complete service of each member